Gedeon Audio: AE520 Review

If you want to know the thoughts of Gedeon Audio (Hungary) on the AE520 then you’ve come to the right place! They’ve recently released their review on YouTube and online, you can watch and read the full review on the links, but here’s a little taster. “The high tuning of the carbon fiber is not […]

AE520 Review: “Expert Choice” From Audio Video Russia

Today we head “Back to the USSR (OK, Russia) to see how lucky we are…” although we like to think luck doesn’t come into it, just top notch design and engineering! Audio Video magazine are the latest to review the new, flagship, AE520 floorstander and have awarded it the top accolade of “Expert Choice”.Here’s a […]

Chinese Magazine, Audiotechnique, Review The AE520

Today we’re heading off to China & Hong Kong courtesy of our friends at Sound Concepts Ltd. Audiotechnique magazine have just reviewed the flagship AE520, this is the (translated) conclusion… “Founded in 1987, Acoustic Energy has a history of 35 years. At that time, thanks to the use of high-quality metal dome tweeter & bass […]

AE520 “A Tremendous Sense Of Purpose” Say HiFi Plus

The AE520 has done it again! Simon Lucas at HiFi Plus magazine was the lucky recipient of a pair of the flagship AE520s and here’s what he had to say about them…“With a 180g reissue of Four Tet’s There is Love In You [Domino] spinning, what’s initially most impressive about the AE520 is not their […]

AE520 Reviewed By HiFi.Nl, Another 5 Stars

We’re going Double Dutch this week as we present two 500 Series reviews from the Netherlands. The first being from who gave the flagship AE520 a stunning review, so much so that the only thing they could comment against them? Yes… “Black High Gloss version is sensitive to fingerprints”! Read up on a […]

AE520 Product Of The Year Award From StereoNET

As Del La Soul once sang “Three is the magic number”… and that’s certainly true for this week as it’s a triple whammy of reviews for the 500 Series. In addition to the AE520 gaining an Applause Award in December it was then handed a Product of The Year award for the Best Floorstanding Loudspeaker […]

AE520 Review: “Acoustic Energy Don’t Get It Wrong” Say Hi-Fi World

“We’ve got the whole world in our hands”, in fact, we’ve got a whole 5 Worlds in our hands thanks to another fantastic review for the AE520, this time from Noel Keywood at Hi-Fi World.You can read the full review in the December issue that’s out now, but here, as usual, are a few quotes […]

Announcing The AE520 – The New Flagship

Acoustic Energy are set to launch a brand-new addition to their recently launched 500 Series, the flagship AE520. This powerful slim-line, floor-standing loudspeaker builds on the AE500 and AE509 models to firmly establish itself as the brand’s new flagship with its multi-driver design, imposing size and performance.