AE500 Gets The Seal Of Approval From Basement Forty Five

Over in Germany Basement Forty Five have released a video review of the AE500. Click the link, or view below and find out why they say… “I’m sure other manufacturers would charge twice as much for this quality, especially for this workmanship and for this sound“, “There’s absolutely no question about it – a top […]

“Stand Out Product Of 2021” For The AE500 From Pursuit Perfect System

With all the excitement of Christmas, New Year and the launch of the new 100 Series we almost missed our latest accolade! Terry Ellis over at Pursuit Perfect System rounded up his “Best HiFi of 2021 Awards” and the AE500 made the list. “…you can just sit and listen to them and enjoy your favourite […]

Best Of 2021 For The AE500

רמקולים מדפיים AE500

Every December online magazine, The Ear, release their “Best of 2021” awards. Having won in 2020 with the AE509 we are highly delighted to again be included amongst the “Best of” shortlist with the baby of the 500 Series, the AE500. This is what they had to say, but click over to their website to read the full […]

AE500 Reviewed By Audiophile.Fr

If you ever get “Lost in France” with Bonnie Tyler or maybe on a “Tour de France” with Kraftwerk then you should search out a Hi-Fi store and have a listen to the AE500s. This is exactly what Lionel Schmitt from did… He then wrote a very comprehensive review of his experience, you can […]

Pursuit Perfect System Review The AE500

Terry Ellis at Pursuit Perfect System is performing another Mega group test of nine bookshelf speakers up to £1300 and has posted his review of the AE500. Grab yourself a nice hot cup of Earl Grey and head over to his channel to see why he described them as… “Very much an all-round speaker, female […]

Lend Me Your Ear… For An AE500 Review From TheEar.Net

Do you hear what I hear… that’s right, it’s another 5 Star review and this time it’s from The Ear! Trevor Butler had the privilege of the AE500s and, yet again, we find a reviewer not wanting to hand back the product! Before heading over to their website to read the full review, here are a […]

AE500 Review: “Recommended Buy” From Audio & Vision, Hungary

Audio & Vision Online (in Hungary) have recently shared their review of the AE500 and they’ve awarded them a “Recommended Buy” Badge. You can read the full review on the link below. And, if like us, Hungarian isn’t your first language, you can use Google to translate to read exactly what they had to say… […]

AE500 Review: “Reference Class” From Audisseus

Is it just a Tangerine Dream? As we Ricochet into a new month we already have our first review! The honour goes to the AE500 courtesy of in Germany.You can read the full review on the link below and if your German is limited then Google translate is your best friend. To give you […]

AE500 Review: “Highly Recommended” From AVForums

Whilst we were busy at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show over the past weekend, AVForums sneaked out their review of the AE500’s!Follow the link and discover what reviewer Ed Selley had to say about them…

AE500 Review: “Back In The USSR”…

Today we’re “Back in the USSR” (well, Russia)… where have reviewed the AE500’s.”…the speakers effortlessly transmit any speed of guitars and bass drums – surgically accurate, but dry, without booming bass and special drive.””Advantages: emphasized surround and detailed sound. Wide informative scene. Attractive design.”You can read the full review on their website: you’re looking for […]