Secrets Of Home Theater And High Fidelity Review The AE320

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you pair up the AE320s with the an Audia Flight Three S amplifier? Our friends at Fidelity Imports asked that exact question, so they sent all the gear to Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity to find out… Spoiler Alert: “The Audia Flight Three S Integrated […]

Ecoustics Editors’ Choice For The AE320

Hot on the heels of the AE100² and the AE1 Active receiving Editors’ Choice awards from Ian White at ecoustics. It’s only gone and happened to the AE320 as well! That’s right, the AE320 has been awarded an Editors’ Choice in the Best Floorstanders category. Head on over to the ecoustics website to see the full list of winners. […]

Acoustic Energy Unveil New 300 Series Flagship – The AE320

Heading up the 300 Series, the new AE320 is a true 3-way slim-line floor-standing loudspeaker with compact dimensions and suitable for medium to large sized rooms. The AE320 uses three latest generation 130mm drivers, one mid-range and two bass only units. Featuring AE’s own design ceramic aluminum sandwich cone (specially developed for the 300 Series) […]

AE320 Awarded Applause Award By Stereonet

“It’s a hard habit to break”, but it’s one habit that’s good and we are happy to live with. What is it? It’s another super, smashing, great review of the AE320s from David Price at Stereonet.David just couldn’t get enough of the AE320s commenting that “It’s a really impressive product then and does more than […]

5 Stars For The AE320 From The Netherlands

We’re back to the 300 Series for our latest review. Today, from The Netherlands, Michael Hamers gets his hands on the AE320. Head on over to their website for the full review, revel in the glory of another 5 Star review and read up on why he concludes…“The reproduction of the AE320 is fast, detailed […]

“Best Value” Badge For The AE320 From Audiograde

After a brief hiatus from reviews we’re back. And what a way to return with this AE320 review from Andy Waite at Audiograde. A snippet of his conclusion can be read below, but we’d urge you to follow the link to the Audiograde website, read the full review and find out why he awarded them […]

HiFiCritic Award The AE320 A Best Buy

We start the week with another review. Today it’s the turn of Chris Kelly at HIFICRITIC who got his hands on a pair of the flagship AE320s and didn’t want to give them back! We’ve reproduced a few quotes below, but you can download the full review here and find out why they earned a […]

AE320 Gains Fantastic Review From Audio Magazine, Germany

Our world tour continues today as we head to Germany where Audio Magazine have released their review of the AE320. The AE320 earned a fantastic score of 92 / 100 and gained a “Price Tip” badge. You can read the full review by downloading the pdf version here (in German) but we’ve translated a few […]

Red Fingerprint Award For The AE320 From High Fidelity In Poland

Our latest review, today from High Fidelity in Poland, sees the AE320 gain a Red Fingerprint award (that’s the equivalent of an Editor’s Choice award). What did reviewer Wojciech Pacuła have to say to warrant this accolade? This is his summary… “The tested Acoustic Energy speakers are perfectly designed and well-made. Their sound is actually warm, […]