HiFi Starters Royalty For The AE1 Active

The AE1 Active continues to blow away any competition as shown in the latest review from HiFi Starters. In fact, they impressed Phil Wright so much that he awarded them the very first HiFi Starter Royalty award. You can read the full review here but here are a few quotes: “The speakers sounded much bigger than they […]

HiFi Pig Show A Whole Lotta Love For The AE1 Active’s

There’s a Whole Lotta Love for the AE1 Actives in the latest review from Stuart Smith of HiFi Pig. Check out why he awarded them a 5 heart badge and said… “Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the AE1 Active loudspeakers. They do a very good job at getting across a musical performance in a way […]

Hi-Fi Riff Discuss The AE1 Active

If you want to learn a little more about the award-winning AE1 Active then we’d highly recommend you check out this video by David Price and Mike Evans on their new YouTube channel, Hi-Fi Riff. They discuss all aspects of the speaker and then give their ratings at the end, what are you waiting for? Click […]

Soundstage! Canada Review The AE1 Active

Friday I’m in Love, we’ve got The Cure for that…This week the AE1 Active’s have received their first review in Canada by Gordon Brockhouse from Soundstage! / Simplifi. They maybe 5 years old, but they can still perform amongst the best in the world, in fact many would declare them as such.Here are a few […]

AE1 Active “A Masterful Job” Say ECoustics

If you’re suffering from a Blue Monday then maybe this review of the AE1 Active will get you back in (New) Order… US based eCoustics took a pair of the AE1 Active’s and made a system around them, click here to read what they thought of them, but just to whet your appetites here are […]

AE1 Active Product Of The Year From A British Audiophile

Hot on the heels of the AE1 Active receiving an “Outstanding” award from Tarun at “A British Audiophile”, today he has released his highlights of the year… We are flattered to announce that the AE1 Active has now also been awarded his channels first “Product of the Year” award. You can view the full review […]

AE1 Active Review: “Outstanding”

The AE1 Active has done it again!YouTube reviewer Tarun (check out his channel at A British Audiophile) has spent several weeks listening to the AE1 Active and has awarded them the channels first ever “Outstanding” award… high praise indeed!Make sure you watch the full video, subscribe to his channel and join the discussion. But before […]

AE1 Active Review: “Iamhear” Blog Russia

Russian blogger, “iamhear”, has recently published a review of the AE1 Active on Yandex, a very popular Russian media source. We asked our Russian distributor, HOMESOUND, to translate a few quotes for us: “This is one of the most impressive tabletop setups I’ve ever heard”.“The coolest thing about the sound is the incredible precision, positional and […]