Acoustic Energy Corinium Loudspeaker Review

“This is one seriously special-sounding loudspeaker.”

“There’s no banging, booming or thrumming from that big cabinet; instead, this speaker sounds as tight and together as the classic AE1 standmounter ever did.”

“Allied to the Corinium’s smooth treble, velvety midband, and grippy bass is the ability to reproduce a stereo soundstage with superlative accuracy. It images brilliantly”

“This superb new loudspeaker is not only Acoustic Energy’s finest-ever design, in my view, but also one of the best mid-price bargains on the market right now.”

Another Stunning Review For The AE100²

Let’s head over to the USA where our good friends at Fidelity Imports have sent us this recent review of the AE100² by Constantine Soo at Dagogo. “Anyone looking for an inexpensive pair of bookshelf speakers should consider a pair of Acoustic Energy AE100² speakers first. You may not need to look any further.” Head […]

AE500 Gets The Seal Of Approval From Basement Forty Five

Over in Germany Basement Forty Five have released a video review of the AE500. Click the link, or view below and find out why they say… “I’m sure other manufacturers would charge twice as much for this quality, especially for this workmanship and for this sound“, “There’s absolutely no question about it – a top […]

HiFi Starters Royalty For The AE1 Active

The AE1 Active continues to blow away any competition as shown in the latest review from HiFi Starters. In fact, they impressed Phil Wright so much that he awarded them the very first HiFi Starter Royalty award. You can read the full review here but here are a few quotes: “The speakers sounded much bigger than they […]

Highly Recommended For The AE105

Home Cinema Choice magazine have published their review of the AE105 on wall speakers and have awarded them a Highly Recommended badge. “The AE105 sounds fantastic for the money, and perfectly in keeping with its 100 Series siblings. It has a neutral but assured delivery, always smooth and controlled, and impressive bass depth.” You can […]

Gedeon Audio: AE520 Review

If you want to know the thoughts of Gedeon Audio (Hungary) on the AE520 then you’ve come to the right place! They’ve recently released their review on YouTube and online, you can watch and read the full review on the links, but here’s a little taster. “The high tuning of the carbon fiber is not […]

Secrets Of Home Theater And High Fidelity Review The AE320

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you pair up the AE320s with the an Audia Flight Three S amplifier? Our friends at Fidelity Imports asked that exact question, so they sent all the gear to Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity to find out… Spoiler Alert: “The Audia Flight Three S Integrated […]

AE109²: “A Very, Very Highly Recommended” From A British Audiophile

We’re heading back to the 100 Series for our next review and to A British Audiophile who has recently published his thoughts on the AE109²s. This would be Tarun’s first time reviewing a sub £1,000 floor-standing loudspeaker. Could the AE109² change his perception of floor-standing speakers at this price? We’d highly recommend watching the video […]

Ecoustics Editors’ Choice For The AE320

Hot on the heels of the AE100² and the AE1 Active receiving Editors’ Choice awards from Ian White at ecoustics. It’s only gone and happened to the AE320 as well! That’s right, the AE320 has been awarded an Editors’ Choice in the Best Floorstanders category. Head on over to the ecoustics website to see the full list of winners. […]

AE100² One Of The Best Speakers Of 2022

Having reviewed the AE100² earlier in 2022, Tarun, A British Audiophile has featured the model in his “Best speakers of 2022” awards video.Cut down to a shortlist of four “Outstanding” products from throughout the year, did the AE100² make the top of the list? Watch the video below for the answer…